Welcome to BODY-TONEDverner in kauai

My name is Verner Dixon & I launched this blog just a few short months ago.

The goal was to create a site which outlined my training and dietary approaches to get the lean, toned body… an “Athletic Look”.

There is simply a HUGE under-served group of men and women who would rather look like the men and women on the front of the fitness magazines vs looking like a Bulky Bodybuilder.

You Either “Get It” or You Don’t…

My training, my diet, this site, it’s not for everyone. This site is laser-focused on discussing the methods and science behind getting a tight, athletic and functionally fit body. The massive bodybuilder look I was going for died when I got a real job and realized I didn’t need to be huge to work at a cubicle. However, that’s fine if that’s what you are aiming for. If that is the case there are a ton of sites that will cater to you…but this site is NOT one of them.

So Why Listen to Me?

Because I’ve been a certified personal trainer for over a decade. Because unlike some other “fitness gurus” I actually HAVE a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. Because I have worked primarily with the general population and all I hear about is “I just want to get toned”, “I want to get sexier”, and “I don’t want to get too bulky.” Because what I will talk about on this site is WAY ahead of the fitness mainstream. Because I’ve trained for over a decade in a gym setting…and I am a tireless researcher. With the help of several other fitness experts who push the edge, I outline advice and methods that flat out work.

Listen to Someone Who “Walks the Walk”…

I’m not the type of guy who will take a bunch of shirtless selfies I am the type of guy who will take a bunch of shirtless selfies, but only to prove a point that I know what I’m talking about. I’m not a model by any means, but I do stay in great shape year-round, and I do get modeling gigs because of my athletic look. I’m a guy in his early 30’s who wants to look great in a suit and in his birthday suit. I could kill myself and diet down to 4% body fat for a photo, but that is not my style, and I don’t think that’s yours either.

Comments are Highly Encouraged!

Please, feel free to comment, ask questions, etc. I do have to manually approve everything, so after you post a comment it will look as if your comment has disappeared…fear not, it just means that I have to approve it first. If you have your own blog it is fine to include the name of your blog after your first name. So something like “Verner – BODY TONED FITNESS” is fine with me.

I Appreciate You…

It would be a lonely thing to simply write articles without feedback or comments. I really do enjoy hearing from you. My hope is that this site becomes a great resource for you.